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– Wall, NJ

C & A

2431 Atlantic Ave.
Manasquan NJ 08736
Phone: 732-528-4800 ext 213

Associate: Eric M.Pertgen
Business Hours: Please Call Anytime

Success Is The Result Of A Well Designed Future

Description of Services:
I started my career in the financial industry after several years of sales, service, and relationship experience. Applying my work and life experience to being a financial coach helps me better serve my clients through: being an active listener; understanding of their current situation and how they got there, being able to express concepts clearly; how to educate new clients on how money functions, and by maintaining a strong relationship with everyone I meet.

Our Services

  • Personal Financial Management
  • Investment Portfolio
  • Insurance Planning
  • Wealth Building
  • Education Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Wills

Specialties: “The Secret of getting ahead is getting started” -Mark Twain.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” – Benjamin Franklin

Many people ask: What do you do? More often than not when asked that question it’s usually followed up with a job title. Rather than focusing on what to call me I’d rather focus on what I do for people:

I help people build wealth, better protect their assets, improve their cash flow and quality of life without changing their current lifestyle.

Essentially I help people save more without living less and give them better confidence.

Often I find people are wary about financial professionals or institutions because of the lack of trust and access to their wealth; my plan has the potential to create more income and control for my clients allowing them to realize greater opportunities, maximize cash flow, and gain perspective around high concept strategies which focus on responsible wealth building and wealth shifting.

We have a proven philosophy about money and its function, and often work with our clients and their advisers in a number of areas.

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Linkedin: www.linkedin.com
Website: www.ca-strategy.com
Email: e_pertgen@ca-strategy.com

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