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Wyckoff, NJ

TLC Mediation LLC

361 Clinton Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Phone: (201) 891-1800

Owner: Jann Bate Catto, MSW, CDFA
Years in Business: Over 20 years of experience

Separation and divorce don’t have to be the painful and disruptive events that many individuals and families experience. Divorce mediation can be the silver lining around the clouds that seem to be gathering.

Description of Services:

Divorce Mediation
Prospective clients often have the mistaken impression that mediation is only for couples whose divorce will be relatively simple. They don’t have children or a business or many assets, so there is little to negotiate. Others believe mediation is for those who are separating amicably, or who are already skilled at negotiation and compromise.

Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey is an excellent family law option and is the process of getting divorced without having to appear before a judge even though it still involves the use of attorneys. The benefits are many but among the largest are avoiding the risks involved with leaving all the final conclusions to a judge and the high costs associated with traditional divorce court. Couples or domestic partners work with a team of mediators or legal professionals such as therapists, lawyers, custody counselors & financial advisers to agree to details on the divorce or separation in writing. This allows both parties to have legal protection without all the expense and stress of normal court proceedings.

Uncontested Divorce
An uncontested divorce in New Jersey is simply a divorce whereby both parties have few disagreements concerning financial matters, custody related matters, and property distribution. Yes, Minor details may still need to be worked out, but the temperature between the couple is very low and all potential hurdles simply need to be discussed and not fought over in court. This is a positive situation as many times the divorce can be dissolved without all the normal negative fireworks and expense.


Divorce mediation can assist in developing the communication and collaboration skills required to minimize tension and conflict. Many times a long, adversarial and costly divorce can be avoided through divorce mediation or the uncontested divorce process. Couples can be empowered to reach a settlement that meets both their needs. This will save couples in NJ valuable time and resources. TLC Mediation was created to gently guide couples through the divorce process throughout New Jersey. We are here to help you and your family work through this transition for a brighter tomorrow.


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