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Spring Lake, NJ

Business Connector’s Network

1321 3rd Avenue
Spring Lake, NJ 07762
P: 732-681-7979

Member: Patty McGowan
Years in Business: Since 2011
Meeting Details: Meetings are held at Ray’s Café, Spring Lake every Wednesday morning @ 7:30am.

Giving Better Business Opportunity

Description of Services:
Have you ever asked yourself either of these questions: “Where do customers come from?” Or, “What will it take to increase my business without spending a great deal of money or time?” We might have the answers for you.

BCN is the group that businesses, both small and large, are constantly looking for. It is the networking group that brings you the better business opportunities that other groups cannot offer. Who wants a referral that leads no where? It is a waste of time.

We would like our members to look at “BCN” as the helping partner you always wanted who keeps finding you new business every week. We want to be the kind of partner that keeps your spirits up when times are slow and makes you feel great when you can return the favor and help someone in the group with your lead or referral.

GMS Discount
Free Meeting, Free breakfast when you mention


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