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GMS is a small business advocate we want you and your business to succeed. Success in business begins with making sure you are fully informed so that you can make sound decisions based on solid information.

When you meet with GMS, your business has found a friend! Our goal is NOT to sell you, but instead to answer all of your questions so that regardless of what you decide to do, you will not be guessing, but will be making calculations instead. Our consultations involve no pressure, are extremely informative and enjoyable because you will find the complications usually associated with successful web design are really not that confusing when you apply a proven strategic approach to your Internet Marketing. Our process is quite different than most web strategies and we are sensitive to small business owners budgets.

“I’m only at the research stage right now… Can I still sit with you?” – ABSOLUTELY!

We encourage our clients to do their research before making decisions. Whether you are a start up business or a seasoned veteran in your field of expertise, we want to become a resource you can rely on for support and information. Hundreds of business owners turn to GMS for answers for their small business.

“I’m not a GMS Member yet, is that ok?” – ABSOLUTELY!

If you want a website consult, simply contact us. Non-Members are welcome anytime. If you are interested in Our Network but want to “kick the tires first”, we will give you a free guest pass to one of our fully catered events to see how wonderful Our Network and members really are. We are confident you will want to be a part of whats going on with GMS!

Contact us for a free consultation and come have a cup of coffee with us. We are here for you and all we want is for your business to grow. As you can see below, We love small business owners and make new friends every day!

Our Network of Business Friends Continues to GROW!