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Rocky Mountain Base Camp

Woodland Park, CO

Rocky Mountain Base Camp

1760 E. Hwy. 24 Woodland Park, CO 80863
(719) 930-2315

Steve Copp, President and Founder

We offer Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes. We are a dealership for Champion Homes, Family Built Homes, and Heritage Homes. In addition we sell cabinets from Stone International, and other cabinet makers, along with fireplaces and wood stoves from Napoleon and Astria. Also on our retail list are log home kits and Pella Windows. We are now offering light fixtures, so check that out!

Since 2017, we offer RV Park Model Homes, Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes. In addition we sell cabinets, fireplaces, light fixtures and wood stoves.

Custom Modular Homes & Prefab Home Builders in Colorado

Modular and manufactured homes are quick, easy builds that will save you a lot of time and money. You select a design that fits within your budget, choose the finishes, order the home. Under perfect conditions and no factory backlog, a 5-6 month timeline is a rough estimate to move into a new home. However, due to demand and the manufacturers factory pipeline, it is safer to say 6-9 months from the time of ordering.

We never want to over-promise or under-deliver because of the actual manufacturing of the modular home is out of our control. Once Rocky Mountain receives the unit and begins the set, typically 60-90 days later, it is ready for final inspection and move-in ready. Timelines are reduced by 2-3 months for a manufactured HUD home that is set on steel pillars and skirted, but that is based on the availability of the contractors who are working on the unit.

Modular Home Setting
The process of installing a modular home or manufactured home on-site is called a “house set”. Proper preparation of the site in advance of the actual arrival of the modular home modules is crucial to stability and security of the new modular home. Rocky Mountain Base Camp has been “setting” modular homes for decades in almost every kind of geological and environmental situation one could think of. Our experience in setting homes with absolute precision and care ensures a home that will stand the elements for many lifetimes to come. Here is a solid explanation and walk through this process.

Modular Home Modifications
In addition to new manufactured and modular homes, we also do additions and modifications to older homes. For example, we can attach an addition to a home or we can remove an old mobile home or trailer and place a new manufactured or modular home on the foundation.

Commercial Modular
The manufactured/modular concept isn’t just for residences. We also use modular and manufactured components to construct multi-story apartments hotels and motels commercial buildings such as stores, restaurants, and business offices.



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