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Small Business Owners – American Heroes

Small Business Ownership is one of the last outposts of freedom and Small business owners are to be applauded for their pursuit of happiness endeavors. Often labeled “fortunate” and the “greedy” amongst us, they are nothing of the sort, and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

openhouse2013medSmall Business Owners are the epitome of why American was formed to begin with. Freedom. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. These hard working individuals did not get lucky. They did not win “life’s lottery”. In fact, they haven’t won anything. They have earned their success. “They DID build that!” and any notion that they are “lucky” devalues the hard work and long hours that goes into any successful business at best and is downright insulting at worst. Business owners work hard and persevere in spite of enormous odds. Most don’t make it. Passion and freedom drives successful owners and the money usually comes years after struggling, and risking personal savings in pursuit of success. They employ over 1/2 of our nation’s workforce and micro small businesses (less than 50 employees) employ over 1/3 of our nation’s workforce. Therefore, they are generous as well. Generous in that they are NOT takers, but rather givers. They do not ride the train, they build the train, fuel the train and then invite other like minded indivuduals to ride the train they built and pay them to do so. That is not greedy. That is awesome!

GMS applauds the small business owner and salutes them as heroes that keep our country strong, serve their fellow man with excellent products and services, give back to local communities and most of all provide excellent examples of freedom through independence and pursuit of happiness. Americans that serve fellow Americans and keep our nation strong are indeed heroes.

~ Marvin Ellis, President
All we want is for your business to grow!