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Wivenhoe Group Security Engineering Consultants

– Clarksburg, NJ

Wivenhoe Group Security Engineering Consultants

1 Pheasant Run
Clarksburg, NJ 08510
Phone: 609-208-0112
Cell: 973-725-2175

Owner: David McCann
Years of experience: Over 25 years
Business Hours: Please call anytime

“We Remove Negligence”

Every business has risks. They range from confidentiality issues, protection of property and employees, data, prevention of criminal
acts and more. Every situation is unique. A serious study of your organization and/or premises will immediately minimize your negligence factor in any civil action.

Wivenhoe Group has the expertise of individuals with many years of experience in the fields of anti-terrorism, security design engineering, and law enforcement from both sides of the Atlantic.

Our considerable experience and exceptionally diversified background enables us to provide an immediate look at how well your are currently protected. Typically, we can accomplish this objective in a brief overview within a 24 hour period.

  • Professional Security Consulting
  • Complete assessment of your risk and liability
  • Cost-effective security systems that work
  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Comprehensive protection
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